Solwers Plc appoints Carnegie Investment Bank AB as Liquidity Provider

Solwers Plc Company release 17 June 2022 at 17.30 EEST

Solwers Plc has entered into a Liquidity Provision Agreement with Carnegie Investment Bank AB (the “Bank”). According to the agreement, the Bank will quote bids and offers for Solwers Plc's share in compliance with Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland rules for liquidity provision. The Bank will spread the bid and offer prices to a maximum of four per cent (4%). The quotes on both the bid and offer sides must be at least 50,000 SEK (approximately 5.000 EUR).

The Bank shall quote bids and offers for Solwers Plc's share on each trading day for at least 85 percent of the official trading period. Liquidity provision in accordance with the agreement will commence on 20 June 2022. The agreement is valid until further notice, with a notice period of three months.

The intention of the arrangement is to promote the liquidity of the share.

Solwers Plc

Board of Directors

Further information:  Olli Kuusi, General Counsel, Solwers Plc, tel. +358 400 355 033

Certified advisor:  UB Securities Oy, Ville Väisänen, CEO, tel. +358 40 588 6769,

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