Engineering value

Solwers is a rapidly growing technical consultation Group. We offer a unique combination of the country’s professional construction consulting expertise and digital solutions.

Delivering change

We do not want to settle with ordinary, but instead we continuously search for new ways of offering customers the best possible built-up environment solutions and design processes.
Our upcoming digital solution will change the way technical construction consulting is commonly carried out. The approach that has been adapted around a digital data model will ensure smooth data flow and make projects more efficient.

Key figures


In recent years we have grown to be a significant technical consultancy operator. In 2018 our turnover already exceeded 25 million euros. Our service selection covers all the main planning sectors and we are involved in many significant projects.

We shall continue our profitable growth in the future too. All the Group companies are growing in a profitable manner and we shall expand our network with new, carefully targeted business acquisitions. We predict our turnover to be more than 60M€ in 2022.



We do not build growth by compromising on profit. In 2018, our net result was 7.9% of the turnover. Our business operations benefit, now and in the future, from the mega trend of urbanization. As cities grow, the need for the planning of challenging sites will not disappear, no matter which direction the economic cycles head.

“I believe in the future of Solwers. Now is you chance to be with us on this journey. Invest in a unique combination of consultancy and digitalization”

Leif Sebbas, Solwers OYJ