Solwers has acquired 100% of Licab AB, a company in Sweden, on 18.8.2020. Licab is mainly a project management company but they also offer design, and other consulting services.

Peder Selberg och Andreas Andersson, Licab

Peder Selberg and Andreas Andersson, Licab

Most of their projects are in infrastructure, mining and municipal sector. They have 65 employees and have offices in 6 locations in Sweden: Luleå, Stockholm Gällivare, Kalix, Piteå and Kiruna.

Last year Solwers acquired 2 companies in Sweden and now after this acquisition Solwers is present at 8 locations in Sweden. Peder Selberg ja Andreas Andersson, Licab Ab

– Licab-acquisition strengthens our position is the Swedish market and opens many new channels to sell our services, notes Stefan Nyström, the CEO of Solwers. The strategy of Solwers network is to grow in Sweden and Finland and this company acquisition significantly strengthens our operations in Sweden.

– Our target is to expand our company network in the Nordic countries also in the future, states Leif Sebbas, the founder and Chairman of the Board. – Our aim is to build a group which includes 10-25 top companies from their own branch in every country where we operate, Sebbas continues.

Solwers’ pro forma (12 months) revenue was 28 million euros in 2019 and the company forecasts it to grow to over 40 million in 2021.

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